Company Culture

Company Culture

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Enterprise spirit:


Integrity: Keep your promise and do everything carefully

Diligence: hard work, down-to-earth, perseverance

Cooperation: Advocate communication internally, advocate reciprocity externally, and create a harmonious and coordinated atmosphere

Innovation: Continuous learning, continuous transcendence, learning from others, meeting challenges



Corporate purposes:


Create healthy life with technology



Competitive strategy:


Establish a brand with strong vitality with high quality products and services



Corporate values:   


Core competitiveness determines the survival space of an enterprise, The core value of Sysmed (China) Co., Ltd. is recognition, participation and sharing, Sysmed (China) Co., Ltd. advocates creating value, fostering a sense of mission, responsibility, honor and accomplishment, Regard employees who are capable and willing to continue to improve themselves as talents, Sysmed (China) Co., Ltd. advocates learning new ways of thinking in practice, adapting to the changing environment, and unswervingly building the overall execution of the enterprise.

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